slythadorgirl asked:

Who do you ship with Riker, Rocky, Ross,Ratliff,Rydel and Jeff Warbler?

Thank you, love!! :D

Ships are literally so hard for me unless they’re already sailing… Here goes nothing.

Riker - If we’re talking about people who might be in his circle (and sadly not talking about Krista or another of my Riker girls) then just today I was thinking about him and Lucy Hale.  They’d be cute, but I’m not convinced it would really work.

Rocky - how about Randi?!?!  YES!  *mentally inserts that gif of Rocky nodding his head on clevvertv*

Ross - oh, hmmm. Ross. Gosh, I don’t know.  I’ve been thinking for a few minutes and still got nothin’.

Ratliff - I love Rydellington.

Rydel - I love Rydellington.

Jeff Warbler - OMG I am a fool and was not paying enough attention when Riker was on glee.  It is a major regret of mine.  But let’s go with Quinn because that’d be cute.  Niff is cute too, though…

xlongbrownhairx asked:

Who do you ship with Riker, Me, You, Aria Montgomery, and Emily Fields? ;)

You are quite literally my favorite person! :D

RIker - Of course I ship Riker with you, dear.  Really a perfect match, IMO!

You - See above! :D 

Me - I have a really hard time shipping myself with anybody.  I have lots of crushes (well let’s be honest, one) but can’t really imagine finding anyone who would jump aboard with me, so I can’t even pretend.  It’s not the most fun. :/

Aria - EZRIA all the way.  I know in the real world it might be weird given he was her teacher, but they’re really adorable and perfect.

Emily - Hmm. I’m not a big Emison fan, so I’m glad that’s kind of over.  I don’t love Paily, but don’t hate it either. I guess I liked her with Maya best.


Ask me some questions! Make my night.  :D

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1. What was the last thing you ate?  An apple.

2. Who do you go to for advice?  One friend in particular or my mom.

3. If you could have a wild animal as a pet, what would you have? A manatee for sure!!

4. Favourite kind of weather?  Fall, crisp air, sun shining  - love it!

5. Last concert you went to?  It’s been a while :(  I think it was Luke Bryan last summer.

6. Digital or physical cds? I do both, but if it is a band or artist I love the physical cd is a must.

7. Guilty pleasure tv show?  Everything on the Disney Channel.

8. What’s your best memory from your childhood? Hm. I remember once I returned from sometime away from my family (can’t remember why) and I about tackled my little brother.  I was so happy to see him.  Weird.

9. Ever had a boyfriend/girlfriend?  Very few, very short-term. :(

10. Be honest, do you read smut?  On tumblr I do!

11. How long have you had your tumblr? 4 months